Born in Frankfurt M. as daughter of an artist family (grandfather and father are both sculptors)

study of Psychology at the Uni. of Cologne and Frankfurt M., MA Psychology., App.,

worked as Pychotherapist in „LWL- Klinik Herten“ as head of  a Day-hospital and the dpt. of Art therapy. 

Study of Art at „Freie Akademie der bildenden Künste“ (fadbk) Essen, Meisterschülerin.


My work is based on investigations into aesthetic  dimensions of seemingly  trivial objects which on first view seem to lack any relation to contemporary art and  are being rejected as being adverse to cultured taste. In painting cast-away-objects they are gaining an independent existence by establishing new relations between them and between cognitional and emotional perception. My paintings tell stories about people’s life without representing the actors by themselves.